Friday, December 2, 2016

Understanding Drones

We know that today’s world is full of new hi-tech technology that is progressing daily and becoming more advanced on a regular basis. Keeping track of all this tech can be a bit hard, especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for, and before you realize it, you come across that new piece of hi-fi tech that makes you want it. In other terms, this is called creating a need in a specific kind of segmented market. Essentially, we can’t talk about all the new technology that has surfaced over the past decade or so, therefore this article talks about drones in particular. To be specific, what drones are and what types of drones are out there. 

What is a drone
A drone is basically called an unmanned aerial vehicle. Now let’s understand each word before getting into the technical details of drones. Unmanned basically means that it works without a human onboard, which not only makes it safer but also less harmful because there will be no life lost in case of a crash. Secondly, we have aerial which basically means a device or vehicle that is flown in air much like an airplane. Lastly, we have vehicle, which means it is considered as a vehicular device flown in air. This basically covers the gist of what a drone is. Now how is it operated if there is no man on board? Well either it is operated by a human, or there is a computer that controls it. This technology was first developed for military use where the missions were either dangerous, or messy for human interference. So, a drone was first sent to clear out or check the intended area. They usually came with a camera as well that transmitted video back to base.


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